Barns, horse ranches, farms, and… the SurfAid Cup?

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

There’s been many amazing firsts at SurfAid - from being founded by the first doctor to set foot in the Mentawai, to the first organization in Indonesia to introduce solar powered drip irrigation to combat malnutrition, to the first time SurfAid reported zero lives lost in our program in Nias.   
Now SurfAid is partnering with the Kelly Slater Wave Co. for an entirely different kind of first. On Friday, June 21, the Surf Ranch will be opening its doors for the first ever SurfAid Cup to be held in a wave pool in Lemoore, California. 

Yes, we’re talking about that ranch, where miles away from the nearest ocean sits “The Wave.” A 6-foot barreling wave that travels over 2300 feet yielding up to 50 second rides that can be controlled to allow a wave riding experience for surfers of all skill levels. Join us and be among one of the select few given the chance to surf the first wave of its kind, the best man-made wave in the world.
In partnership with WSL and Firewire Surfboards, this surf for SurfAid charity day gives you exclusive access to the world-famous Surf Ranch and the chance to turn your day of surfing into a day of saving lives.100% of event proceeds will support SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programs.  

Limited space is available, registration will be secured on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Erin@SurfAid to be added to the guest list.

As with all SurfAid Cup events, competitors will be encouraged to fundraise as part of the event efforts. The last surf session of the day will be a bonus session only accessible to the top 6 fundraisers.

 SurfAid Founder, Dr. Dave Jenkins, will provide the official welcome and present the coveted SurfAid Cup trophy.For an in depth look at the Surf Ranch check out their brochure or visit their website. Contact to learn more or register.

Thanks To Our Event Partners