29 Aug 2011

SurfAid Videos On Line

Fairfax Media is running two of SurfAid’s videos free online - Wave of Compassion (WOC has a five-star rating) and Next Wave.

The videos are also running on theage.tv, brisbanetimes.tv and watoday.tv.

There is also an ABC TV Foreign Correspondent feature on SurfAid from 2001.

Please check them out as we earn revenue from the viewings - and many thanks to producer Justin Krumb and Fuel TV...read more

26 Aug 2011

New E-Prep Program Launched while Tsunami Recovery Continues

SurfAid field activity this year has focused on our Tsunami Emergency Recovery Program in the Mentawai Islands, our Health Program in Nias, and the planning process for our new Emergency Preparedness (E-Prep) program in the Mentawai, Banyak and Telo islands.

We have launched an ‘Epic Mentawai’ campaign to raise funds for our work and all donations are greatly appreciated.
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For the first time since the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, SurfAid is working back in the Banyak Islands, off Aceh, where we are rolling out our Emergency Preparedness (E-Prep) Program.  We are also working in the Telo Islands, which are south of Nias, for the first time, and also on Siberut and Sipora islands in the Mentawai.

SurfAid has built an award-winning capacity in emergency preparedness and has delivered five emergency response programs following major disasters, including the 2004 tsunami that devastated widespread areas of Indonesia and surrounding countries, and the 2010 Mentawai tsunami.

The team gathers for group photo with the children. Since our new t-shirts have arrived everyone has caught onto the little hand gesture. Location: Gobik

The goal of the program is to increase community awareness and provide the communities living on islands off the western coast of Sumatra and Aceh with effective strategies to reduce and manage the risk associated with the occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis in the region, and to increase the rate at which they will be able to recover from any major event.

This program was designed utilizing the lessons learned and best practices of the previous E-Prep Programs, including the three-year E-Prep program funded by AusAID and the E-Prep Roadshow funded by NZAID. ...read more

17 Aug 2011

Program Rollout Needs Your Help

With our continuing recovery work in the Mentawai Islands since the devastation of the October 2010 tsunami, SurfAid has launched a campaign to help raise funds.

More than 500 people were killed in the October 2010 tsunami but only nine died in communities that had benefitted from our programs.

In the village of Mapinang, the community fled their houses when they heard the roar of the tsunami. The children led them to the safe assembly point via the evacuation route the community had prepared using SurfAid’s guidelines.  No lives were lost.

SurfAid is delivering emergency preparedness, recovery and health programs, including hygiene and malaria. ...read more

02 Aug 2011

Announcing the new SurfAid Bracelet by Pura Vida

SurfAid International has partnered with Pura Vida Bracelets to create a one-of-a-kind SurfAid bracelet.  Each bracelet is hand-made and 100% waterproof so you can go surfing whilst also showing your support for SurfAid.

Purchase the SurfAid Pura Vida Bracelet online at surfaidinternational.org/storeONLY $5. ...read more