Earthquake and Tsunami Hit the Mentawais

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Emergency supplies heading for Sikakap, North Pagai. Photo. Jossi Syahrial/SurfAid

Padang 6.00am: A 7.5 magnitude earthquake has struck just south of the Mentawai Islands sending a 2-3 metre (6-10 foot) tsunami into the southern island of Pagai Selatan.

The quake hit at 9.42pm local time on Monday 25 October. As we post this news, it is just coming dawn in the islands so we don’t know what damage or injuries have occurred in our villages. However, SurfAid’s Mentawai Program Manager Tom Plummer, who is in Padang, believes the southern Mentawai may be trashed. He filed this report which is directly from the crew of the surf charter boat, D’Bora.

“Just in from D’Bora. 0100 Tuesday 26 October. There was a tsunami wave washed through Maccas; debris everywhere. Midas (one of the surf charter boats) in flames on the beach. We have all guests and crew onboard safe.”

Soon after Tom filed this report:

“There was a 7.5 earthquake here around 21.42 on Monday 25 October. It created a three-metre high tsunami which washed through Macaronis Bay where Midas and Freedom were parked. Midas was hit by Freedom and caught on fire. All guests jumped overboard. D'Bora picked up Midas guests who are all safe apart from suffering some smoke inhalation and minor scratches. Midas guests and crew were washed into the jungle and took more than an hour to find their way back to the beach, where they were picked up by D'Bora's tender. The surf guide on D'Bora, Joey Melroy, said that there was a lot of debris floating in the water including bar stools and other pieces of furniture from Macaronis Resort. No news of the state of our village at Silabu as it is night time.”

Macaronis Photo. Nathan Smith/Quiksilver

Silabu Village. Low lying villages face tsumani risk. Photo. Bob Barker