Never Forget the Locals

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Never Forget The Locals from SURFAID on Vimeo.


The waves are perfect, the sultry sea air palatable - it’s the holiday you’ve been waiting for. A surf trip to paradise where sun soaked beaches meet flourishing coconut trees and empty barrels await.

The only caveat, behind the palms, children aren’t flourishing; nearly 2 out of every 3 children are underweight, malnourished or stunted.

SurfAid was founded by Dr. Dave Jenkins, who 18 years ago on a surf trip to the Mentawai discovered that life for the locals was wrought with preventable death and disease. Carrying with him a heavy heart and tenacious conscience, Dave realised we could


Locals like 14 year old Trijul Helmina from Sinarikhi Village, where this year, SurfAid and her village partnered to improve access to clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare and nutrition.

Watch Trijul’s Story

Thanks to your support, SurfAid is able to improve the health and resilience of people living in isolated communities connected to us though surfing and increase the likelihood that one day, Trijul will become the teacher she aspires to be.

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