We made a promise in 2000 to #NeverForgetTheLocals. Please Join US

Thursday, December 13, 2018

It is estimated that 70% of maternal and under five deaths can be prevented with basic resources such as access to clean water, improved nutrition, and basic health care. SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programmes address these needs. 

What makes this possible?


It’s as simple as training and education.

A posyandu (community health centre) needs a minimum of 5 trained kaders (community health volunteers), yet in SurfAid’s remote communities, opportunities for training are extremely limited. At the start of our programme many of the kaders were not trained to look after mothers and children, they had very few materials available to support their efforts, and the quality of service meant moms would often choose work over visiting the monthly clinic.

As part of our Mother and Child Health Programmes, SurfAid trains kaders to deliver health messages on basic maternal and child health issues such as nutrition, antenatal care, family planning, and simple hygiene & sanitation intervention. This increased knowledge helps strengthen the kaders confidence and makes them a valuable asset to their community. 


With your help, 104 new and revitalized Posyandu’s have been staffed by 780 SurfAid trained community health workers and midwives. Can you support us again? 

 In 2019 your gift will make an even bigger impact as SurfAid USA prepares to expand to Mexico and we continue our successful Mother and Child Health Programmes in Indonesia.

A gift to SurfAid can help ensure that materials are available to monitor the health of mothers and children when visiting their local Posyandu. Items such as weighing scales, materials for teaching, seeds and equipment for nutrition gardens, and of course clean water are critical to the health of our community members. 

Thanks to people like you, SurfAid continues to give back to some of the world’s most remote villages. We made a promise in 2000 to #NeverForgetTheLocals

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