SurfAid Newsletter September 2018

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SurfAid’s programmes are dedicated to improving the lives of women and children, so it’s not surprising that we have many females leading the charge for SurfAid both in and out of the water. Whether it’s world class athletes like Flick, Surfing Mums in Australia, or local village leaders, together we are making a difference. 

Read more about how your support is helping SurfAid save lives, one village at a time.

Straight from Felicity Palmateer, big wave surfer 

and SurfAid Ambassador:

SurfAid recently sat down with Flick to learn what it was like coming up as a young female surfer and what inspired her to become one of SurfAid’s latest Ambassadors - 

“I spent my early days surfing with dad between Perth, WA and Down South, near Margaret River. He always used to drag me out in the lineups with him, back when there were hardly any other girls surfing - sometimes I'd be out there on the biggest and best days of the year, with my blonde hair sticking out the bottom of a Gath Helmet, eyes on the horizon watching for sets, absolutely crapping myself! But they are amazing memories and helped set me up for a life of surfing and some incredible experiences!

Flick in the USANA SurfAid Cup Bondi 2018, Photo by Matt Dunbar.

SurfAid has always been a positive contributor to surfing, particularly the people who call the Mentawais and the Indonesian archipelago "home". It really is crucial to employ a long-term, sustainable health and educational model, and if I can contribute even the tiniest amount to that, then that's something.

The Surfing Chefs fundraiser at Byron Bay and the regular SurfAid Champions trophy days have been epic! It's exciting to be a part of those special experiences. I think everyone benefited from the Surfing Chefs dinner - so to raise in excess of $125k was exceptional. And surfing with the U/18 girls at Bondi, well, let's just say we all still keep in touch! Hi Ebony, Lucy, Laila and Sarah!

Flick and team of Under 18 Girls in the USANA SurfAid Cup Bondi, Photo by Matt Dunbar.

I've travelled often to Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa, then in 2017 I was lucky enough to enjoy the Mentawais for the first time with the crew from GoPro International. The best surfs are always the six foot days with a tight bunch of friends. I could say where, but I don't name spots though! But there are so many, that's why we love Indo, right?

I encourage all women to have a crack at surfing, or whatever it is that might be swirling in your head, challenging you to step forward and try ... having a beginners mind and doing something new is a huge, huge part of what makes life exciting!”

Flick. Xx

SurfAid Programmes Help to Promote Gender Equality

On the remote islands of Indonesia where SurfAid works, women’s economic mobility is limited. They often do not have a voice in decision-making and gender inequalities can persist at home. 

SurfAid’s programmes promote gender equality, recognising it as an essential component in reducing poverty and promoting the health, education and wellbeing of girls and boys.

SurfAid’s programmes are informed by detailed gender analyses of division of labour for different crops and activities, household food distribution and parenting tasks. The analyses reveal how these factors impact on time available for child care, female caloric intake and expense, and the implications this has on child health.

Community health volunteers are trained to monitor the health of women and children at the community health post. Photo by Risna.

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The SurfAid Cup Series continues...

Check out the event video here   

Special thanks to Carter Slade for camera/edit and Jon Weiand for Drone footage

Next up…

Manly, Australia - 28th September. Limited team spots available. Learn more or sign up.

Gold Coast, Australia - 2nd November. Registration just opened. Learn more or sign up.

Check out the SurfAid Cup event page or contact in the US, or in AU to sign up.


Supporter Spotlight: Surfing Mums

Surfing Mums is a nonprofit formed to encourage mums to get back in the water after they have kids. The organization gives mums an opportunity to meet up, surf, and have fun without having to arrange alternative childcare.

Surfing Mums was founded in 2008 by two mums in Byron Bay. After meeting up regularly to mind each other’s children while they surfed, they decided this partnership could benefit mums around the country, and Surfing Mums was born. There are now 36 groups around Australia and over 350 members.

Each cupcake counts! Surfing Mums bring their stoke and baking talents to support SurfAid.

The Surfing Mums group have proven themselves to be some of SurfAid’s biggest supporters in Perth and Bondi. We recently chatted with Kellie Baldwin, Coordinator of Perth Surfing Mums, to share some more about the group and highlight their incredible support!


Welcome to the SurfAid Tribe!

Thank you to our most recent new and renewing members of the SurfAid Tribe. Your membership not only saves and improves the lives of women and children, but also provides an additional level of certainty as we grow and invest in our communities. Visit our website for a complete listing of all our generous Tribe members.

Andre Melikian, Santa Monica, US 
 Andrew Pidgeon, Wembley Downs, AU
 Andrew Waddington, North Curl Curl, AU
 Atoll Travel, Foster, AU
 Antony Catalano, St. Kilda, AU
 BM & JM Falkner Family Trust, NZ 
 Bright Funds Foundation, San Francisco, US
 Chris Cortazzo, Beverly Hills, US
 Chris Kourtis, Elizabeth Bay, AU
 Danny Errico, Malibu, US
 David Hoberman, Santa Monica, US
 Duncan Peak, Suffolk Park, AU
 Jim Toth, Los Angeles, US
 John Walsh, Los Altos Hills, US
 Jonathon Mone, Malibu, US
 J-P Conte Family Foundation, San Francisco, US
 Karl & Tia Luber, La Jolla, US
 The K.A. Zankel Family Foundation, San Francisco, US
 Luke Parker, Bronte, AU
 Mark Sullivan, Santa Monica, US
 Melissa Maxfield, Odessa, US
 Patrick O’Rourke, Mollymook, AU
 Providence Philanthropic Foundation, AU
 Sam Castleden, Margaret River, AU
 Seumas Dawes, Bronte, AU
 United World College South East Asia Singapore