22 Jul 2013

Glenfield College Raise money for SurfAid

In the first term of 2013 the Year 9 students at Glenfield College had been learning about SurfAid and at the end of their study they decided they wanted to do something to help the Mentawai people out also. So they asked the principal if they could organise a mufti day for the whole school with the money raised going to SurfAid.  ...read more

02 May 2013

World's best surfer goes back to school

Current ASP World Surfing Champion Joel Parkinson swapped his surfboard for books today when he visited Barrenjoey High, on Sydney’s northern beaches, as the newest ambassador for the SurfAid Schools Program.

Parkinson, 32, addressed an assembly of enthralled students before joining a classroom group for a SurfAid lesson on geography. ‘Parko’ was the first at his table to find Bali on the map.  “I used to love geography – it was my favourite subject,” he said.

Parkinson said he was stoked when SurfAid asked him to be an ambassador. “It's a huge honour, especially for something that does so much good. It was a no-brainer for me to jump on board. I want to raise awareness around the world as much as I can and show the world what SurfAid do."

The SurfAid Schools Program, which is supported by Billabong, is an international education program that aims to develop global citizenship values. It uses the humanitarian challenges and achievements of non-profit organisation SurfAid as an educational example for action. ...read more

24 Apr 2013

Tairua Paddle for Humanity Raises $6,500

The Paddle for Humanity in Tairua, New Zealand, this year was the best yet. In spite of the pre-event nerves caused by shark activity, 200 people took to the water in support of the Mentawai people and the rest pioneered the Tairua Walk for Humanity. 

The Manager of the SurfAid Schools Program, Milton Brown, was very impressed with the turnout. “Tairua is a great example of a small surfing community with a very big heart,” Brown said. “The way they join together to help another community in need is living proof that local action creates global citizenship." ...read more

15 Feb 2013

Glenfield college's map-a-thon fundraiser for surfaid

Year 9 students hard at work on their Map-a-thon fundraiser for SurfAid

Year 9 students at Glenfield College in Auckland, New Zealand participated in a fundraiser and awareness raising activity to support  SurfAid.  The class had been studying SurfAid as part of their Social Studies course and took part in a  map-a-thon that raised $160.  ...read more

17 Oct 2012

New Surfaid Schools Program website launched

Photo: Dane Peterson

Check out our new website with new design and layout, and greatly improved accessibility. You can now create your own “My Resources” section and easily manage all your downloaded materials. These resources are still free, thanks to Billabong, and your existing login details access your past collection of materials.

 ...read more

07 Jun 2012

SurfAid Helps Build Mentawai Islands School

Photos Duncan Macfarlane / Surfing World

The 2010 Mentawai tsunami wreaked a wide path of destruction in the island chain and wiped out the village of Masokut, on Sipora Island.

With the help of SurfAid, the Masokut community has since rebuilt their village on higher ground, safe from another tsunami.  However the children, aged seven to 10, are being taught in a one-room timber shack that has plastic sheeting for walls.

After the tsunami, SurfAid’s Psychosocial Support Program team ran activities that helped the children return to a normal routine and reduce the effects of the trauma, and the school building was constructed as a temporary structure.

“To say the school is ‘basic’ is an understatement,” said SurfAid Schools Program manager Milton Brown. “The ‘desks’ are simple square pieces of timber for the children to write on but they have to sit on the floor, which is rough-hewn timber with cracks. In this cramped space, three dedicated teachers are doing their best to educate the future of Masokut.”

Brown, who hails from Sydney’s northern beaches, said $25,000 was needed to build a six-room school with toilets. “Avalon Lions Club generously donated $6,000 towards the project, retired Pittwater High teacher Evan Jeffrey organised a fundraiser at Avalon RSL that raised another $2,000, and Craig Finniss and Bobby Sox also raised $2,000, so we thank everyone who has contributed so far,” he said. 

Former Pittwater Mayor Alex McTaggart, who was on a surf charter boat with fellow Avalon surfers when the tsunami struck during the night in October 2010, helped raise the Lions Club funds. ...read more

26 Apr 2012

Schools Program works with Kearny High

The US SurfAid Schools Program has been working with ninth grade teachers in the School of Digital Media Design at San Diego’s Kearny High School to use the story of SurfAid as an educational example for action.  

The ninth grade students have enjoyed attending SurfAid’s monthly SURF-N-SERVE events where students are asked to be global citizens by cleaning up the beaches in their own communities once a month.  

In their classes, DMD students have helped create sample logos for the SurfAid Schools Program and developed a website highlighting SurfAid's work.  To culminate their work with the DMD ninth grade class, SurfAid has sponsored a logo contest on Facebook, as well as a Facebook web design contest where winners will have their work honored by Billabong.  ...read more

27 Mar 2012

Business and education partnerships – time to act creatively

In this article, US SurfAid Schools Program manager, Dr Andrea Yoder-Clark, beautifully articulates the importance of business and education working closely together to achieve inspired high quality outcomes for the future.

Recently, I had the luxury of being inspired in an unlikely place.  As I sat in the movie theater, watching Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, the main character, Ted, lifted my spirit with his love inspired actions that changed his world.  I walked away from that movie thinking about times in my own life when I have acted out of love as a mother, a wife, a former teacher or now as a business owner, and how good those moments felt.  I realized that those moments of inspired action all shared one thing in common, a thought that was unique enough to make a difference, but similar enough to be understood.  And, I couldn’t help thinking that inspired action is not acted on nearly enough in business.

Last week in the San Diego Business Journal, Qualcom co-founder Irwin Jacobs and local bio tech CEO Phillip Lowe spoke from a place of inspired action, asking us to stretch our minds to consider the links between business and education. These business leaders asked future mayoral candidates to re-brand San Diego as an “entrepreneurial hub”, and at the same time reminded us all that high quality public schools attract high quality employees.  Now that is inspired action… asking business to invest in future success by supporting struggling public schools today.  This idea is unique, yet realistic. And, that got me excited. ...read more

15 Mar 2012

Endah visits New Zealand

Seventy young people from around New Zealand and Asia gathered in Tauranga, New Zealand, to brainstorm ways to strengthen relations between New Zealand and Asia. 

The Asia New Zealand Foundation’s Young Leaders Network Reunion was organized to mark five years since the network’s beginning and was the start of a four-day conference for participants. The young leaders reflected on what the network had achieved and discussed ways it can contribute further to increasing New Zealanders’ understanding of Asia. 

Endah Setyaningsih, SurfAid’s Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in Nias, was invited to speak to conference delegates about her experience of growing up in Indonesia and her work with communities in Nias. 

Endah also joined three young leaders when they visited Papamoa College in Tauranga to talk to a group of Year 9 and 10 students. The students were really keen to hear from people living and working in Asia and especially Endah’s experience growing up in Jakarta and her work for SurfAid. ...read more

09 Dec 2011


Ripeando Magazine has formed a strategic alliance with the SurfAid Schools Program, with the goal of supporting the growing surf movement and inspiring the message of global citizenship in Latin America.  Billabong has supported the SurfAid Schools Program to spread its message of surfers as global citizens in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. This program uses the example of SurfAid’s founder, Dr Dave Jenkins, to demonstrate what it means to be an active global citizen. This alliance will investigate ways of bringing this example to surfing communities in Latin America. 

Recently, Latino riders have noticeably increased their presence in the ISA World Games both in their performance and influence. Currently, half of the countries rated in the top 10 are from South America, although there is still plenty of work to do.  

Several countries around the world have supported surf teams and clubs in schools, such as Australia, France, the United States and Brazil. The SurfAid Schools Program is different.  The SurfAid Schools Program provides free online curriculum to teachers that links surfing and the message of global citizenship to academic content standards.  SurfAid believes that kids will want to learn science, math, social studies and English when you link the concepts to something that kids enjoy - surfing! 

Ripeando Magazine is a great partner for spreading SurfAid’s message to the Hispanic community.  Ripeando will act as the liaison, providing a clear channel for information and communication, but will also act as a strategic partner to help link the identity of global citizenship to the surfing community.  We believe this partnership will help usher in a new view of surfing across the continent. ...read more