New Surfaid Schools Program website launched

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo: Dane Peterson

Check out our new website with new design and layout, and greatly improved accessibility. You can now create your own “My Resources” section and easily manage all your downloaded materials. These resources are still free, thanks to Billabong, and your existing login details access your past collection of materials.

Other new features include an events calendar for SURF-N-SERVE with on-line sign-up, new SURFAID After School and College Club materials and a “suggest or submit a new resource” section.

Our team recently collected new film from the field so we will be producing a number of short video stories with accompanying study guides. We will add these new resources as they are developed. 

Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

Our use of surfing to engage students and highlight the humanitarian work of Surfaid continues to occupy a special place in education. Our main focus is to develop an understanding of the values that underpin global citizenship and, at the same time, show that “there’s more to surfing” than just catching waves.

We hope you continue to use this site to enhance your teaching and please feel free to give us your feedback and suggestions.

We have raised more than half the funds needed to build a new school in the Mentawai village of Masokut so many thanks to all who have contributed. The land is being cleared and a new concrete path is being built to the new site. Read more ...

Thanks to Billabong who have funded the schools program for the past five years. The recent contract extension will allow us to continue to roll out the program around the world.  Watch for new collaborative activities in the future.

Left to right: Grace, Haylee, Hannah,Wairata, Emilye, Helen, Paige

Paige Peacock writes: “My group decided that we wanted to help support SurfAid’s ‘Water & Sanitation’ program, and to do this we would hold a bake sale on Thursday 23 August to help raise money. We decided to support this particular program as we thought that it was one of the most important ones as access to clean water is vital to the health of any community. We agreed with SurfAid’s objective to facilitate the improvement of access to water in the Mentawai Islands, and we wanted to support and help the people of the Mentawai Islands to have access to fresh clean water to drink and use in everyday situations. Supporting and fundraising for this program would hopefully result in a decrease in numbers of deaths, diseases and child mortality rates.” 

It has been an exciting six months with some great examples of how SurfAid resources can be used in the New Zealand classroom. Check our schools website in the coming month to see what New Zealand schools have been up to. 

We have refined our New Zealand primary unit “Crossing the Divide” and will be introducing a new unit based on the Mentawai and Maori practice of tattooing at the start of next year.

As you plan for 2013 don’t forget we offer a free service to help teachers adapt SurfAid Schools Program resources to suit your learners’ needs at secondary or primary levels. Just contact our New Zealand Program Director, Adele Hatton, to take advantage of this offer. The schools program is funded by Billabong and we also have prize packs available for schools to support student initiatives.

The SURFAID Schools Program is proud to announce the development of an ongoing partnership with University of California, San Diego's K-16 Extension Office to offer The Science of Surfing. This is a class for high school students that will take place on four Saturdays from 9am to 12pm at UCSD, beginning on Saturday, October 27 and ending Saturday, November 17.

The Science of Surfing will explore the science that explains how waves form, and the engineering of surfboards that allows them to glide through the water at great speeds, resisting the forces of friction and drag.  But wait!  It's not all science!  The class will also explore the history of surfing as it has spread from its origins in the Hawaiian Island chain all the way across the world, to one of the most isolated regions in the world, the Mentawai and Nias islands, where SurfAid works to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people in isolated regions of the world connected to us through surfing.  Finally, students will also have the chance to design their own ideal surfboard after exploring how and why surfboards are designed today.  The final class will take place in Pacific Beach, where students will participate in the SurfAid School's program monthly SURF-N-SERVE event.

If you are interested in attending this class, or know of someone who might be, please feel free to forward this information.  This is our first class of this kind and would love all of our great supporters to pass this information on to those that might be interested in the San Diego region.

Anyone interested in registering a student for this class should register on the UCSD Extension website HERE.

Any questions can be directed to the US SurfAid School's Program Manager, Andrea Yoder Clark:

Looking forward to seeing our students connect science to surfing and put their learning into action!

Our monthly SURF-N-SERVE events, which are now taking place in all three southern California counties, are growing in popularity.

As a reminder, each SURF-N-SERVE event offers participants the opportunity to attend a free surf lesson (for the first 15 people to sign up), or just join us in the water if you already know how. As well there’s the chance to help keep our beaches clean and learn about what it means to be a global citizen, using the example of SURFAID’s founder, Dr Dave Jenkins, as an educational example for action. 

We have been very excited to see interest in our SURF-N-SERVE events rise over the last few months.  Due to the amazing support of our local surf shop partners, we have been able to consistently offer 15 free surf lessons at each San Diego county SURF-N-SERVE and we are close to reaching this mark in Orange County as well.  Los Angeles County, our newest addition to the SURFAID SURF-N-SERVE family, is also gearing up to join us in offering consistent surf lessons at monthly events.

The increase in interest in San Diego is a foreshadowing of what's to come in Orange and Los Angeles Counties.  We are completely sold out for surf lessons through December at all of our San Diego SURF-N-SERVE events. Wow!  What a great showing of support and a great opportunity for our surf shop partners to market the high quality of their lessons and instruction.

If you have been lucky enough to receive lessons during one of our SURF-N-SERVE events, please feel free to pass on a recommendation for the surf lessons offered by our partners in your community.

And, if you have recently discovered the best kept secret in San Diego, SURFAID’s monthly SURF-N-SERVE events, then please, pass on the fun to your friends as well.

If you have not had the chance to enjoy a free surf lesson yet, don't worry! We will be offering the same opportunities from February through May in 2013. We will be publishing the 2013 dates for our SURF-N-SERVE monthly events in January 2013 - so stay tuned!

Thank you again for all of your generous support for SURFAID, the work we do in the Mentawai Islands and the amazing opportunities we offer communities, schools and families here in the US.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next SURF-N-SERVE event!