Friday, December 09, 2011

Ripeando Magazine has formed a strategic alliance with the SurfAid Schools Program, with the goal of supporting the growing surf movement and inspiring the message of global citizenship in Latin America.  Billabong has supported the SurfAid Schools Program to spread its message of surfers as global citizens in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. This program uses the example of SurfAid’s founder, Dr Dave Jenkins, to demonstrate what it means to be an active global citizen. This alliance will investigate ways of bringing this example to surfing communities in Latin America. 

Recently, Latino riders have noticeably increased their presence in the ISA World Games both in their performance and influence. Currently, half of the countries rated in the top 10 are from South America, although there is still plenty of work to do.  

Several countries around the world have supported surf teams and clubs in schools, such as Australia, France, the United States and Brazil. The SurfAid Schools Program is different.  The SurfAid Schools Program provides free online curriculum to teachers that links surfing and the message of global citizenship to academic content standards.  SurfAid believes that kids will want to learn science, math, social studies and English when you link the concepts to something that kids enjoy - surfing! 

Ripeando Magazine is a great partner for spreading SurfAid’s message to the Hispanic community.  Ripeando will act as the liaison, providing a clear channel for information and communication, but will also act as a strategic partner to help link the identity of global citizenship to the surfing community.  We believe this partnership will help usher in a new view of surfing across the continent.

Sergio Martins, Editor in Chief of Ripeando, said during the meeting: “At Ripeando we want to educate and give a positive message through the contents of our magazine. In the same way, we always care about giving something in exchange for what surfing gives us. This partnership with SurfAid will allow us to benefit many children in Latin-America and, at the same time, it will help eliminate the negative stereotypes around being a surfer.”

Ripeando has been volunteering at SurfAid’s San Diego SURF-N-SERVE events to help spread the message of global citizenship to local Latin students.  Andrea Yoder Clark, SurfAid’s US Schools Program Coordinator said: “We noticed that many Latin children come to our program here in the US. Having Ripeando by our side will allow us to break language barriers and help our message reach new frontiers.”

There are many plans for the partnership with SurfAid in 2012.  We are very excited about this alliance and equally happy to do our bit for future generations.