Schools Program works with Kearny High

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The US SurfAid Schools Program has been working with ninth grade teachers in the School of Digital Media Design at San Diego’s Kearny High School to use the story of SurfAid as an educational example for action.  

The ninth grade students have enjoyed attending SurfAid’s monthly SURF-N-SERVE events where students are asked to be global citizens by cleaning up the beaches in their own communities once a month.  

In their classes, DMD students have helped create sample logos for the SurfAid Schools Program and developed a website highlighting SurfAid's work.  To culminate their work with the DMD ninth grade class, SurfAid has sponsored a logo contest on Facebook, as well as a Facebook web design contest where winners will have their work honored by Billabong.

The US SurfAid Schools Program was recently nominated for a local schools award for their work at Kearny High School. 


‘There's More to Surfing - Developing Global Citizens’ 

Teachers from Kearny High will be featuring their work at the third annual teachers workshop to be held at Billabong’s Irvine HQ on Saturday June 23rd. 

If you are registered as a teacher on our website you will receive an invite to the workshop.  

Please register if you wish to attend or contact: