22 Mar 2017

SurfAid Celebrates World Water Day

 photo by:Richard Lokollo ...read more

15 Mar 2017

Overcoming Barriers to Breastfeeding

In the countries where many of SurfAid’s supporters are born, expectant mothers have access to coaching classes, to online communities, to libraries, to maternity leave, and most importantly – to medical professionals. However, learning to be a mum in the places where SurfAid’s programmes are delivered looks very different ...read more

07 Mar 2017

SurfAid Celebrates International Women's Day

Photo provided by Martiana Hia

In 2000, the world set out on a plan to tackle inequality in its many forms through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It was an ambitious 15-year plan, with solid progress made in some areas by 2015, but significant work remaining. ...read more

22 Feb 2017

One grandfather who makes a real difference

In remote villages on the island of Sumbawa, social norms make children’s health the sole responsibility of mothers. Yet in a culture where mothers are also expected to generate income for their families, as well as perform all domestic duties, the health of their children is often overlooked. ...read more

15 Feb 2017

The Story of Sri

Lakey Peak, on the island of Sumbawa, is one of surfing’s greatest and most known treasures. However, despite Lakey Peak attracting tourists from around the globe, nearby villages battle to keep mothers and their children alive. Among these many villages is Kuta – far removed from the glitz of the more familiar Kuta, Bali – Kuta, Sumbawa has incredibly high rates of infant, child and maternal death. The cause is insufficient health education; the effect is poor health behaviors, and SurfAid’s antidote is a robust Mother and Child Health Program. ...read more

09 Feb 2017

Banana Chips Save Lives

Nearby to epic right hander Lagundri on the island of Nias, SurfAid has been making a significant impact in the village of Hiliduho over the last few years. The spirited and committed community health volunteers of Hiliduho have become true role models in leading their community health clinic to achieve the highest quality status: ‘Mandiri’ (independent).  ...read more