18 Jan 2018

“Buds of Hope” for a Healthier Future

Photo by UuD

In the Mentawai language, Sinula Karonanta means “buds of hope”. This is what the village of Laggai Sibau named their community health post when they first partnered with SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programme. ...read more

04 Oct 2017

Courtney Conlogue Supports SurfAid

Courtney charging what many called the swell of the century at Lagundri. Photo by Jake Marote.

We recently sat down with Pro Surfer and SurfAid Ambassador, Courtney Conlogue. She’s currently ranked #2 on the WSL Women’s Championship Tour and we’re stoked to have such a shredder talk about what inspires her to support SurfAid. ...read more

20 Sep 2017

Tragedy Transformed | One Man’s Loss Saves Many More

Photo by Chandra

Bapak Jola remembers the birth of his daughters, and he remembers their death too. At just one and three years old, Bapak Jola lost his girls to one of Sumba’s biggest killers: malaria.  ...read more

22 Aug 2017

SurfAid Celebrates World Humanitarian Day

Dr. Stephen Nolan and some of SurfAid’s youngest partners Sumba
Many people know that SurfAid was born out of Dr. Dave’s 1999 trip to the Mentawai islands, but do you know the Sumba story? Nearly 10 years after Dr. Dave was struck by the needless suffering and preventable death in the Mentawai, and over 2,500 kilometers away, Dr. Stephen Nolan and his wife Kathryn had a similar experience. Having founded the Sumba Foundation Australia in 2009, the two organisations saw the potential for greater impact and merged in 2014 to bring SurfAid's Mother and Child Health Programme to Sumba.
 ...read more

27 Jul 2017

Working Towards a World without Poverty

Photo by Julius

More than 836 million people worldwide live in extreme poverty and struggle to fulfill their most basic human needs like access to water & sanitation, basic health care and good nutrition.  ...read more

12 Jul 2017

No Such Thing As Social Outcasts at SurfAid

photo by:Meitty

Sumba is a remote island with unique cultures, traditions and beliefs, one of which is the unacceptability of second marriages. Remarrying can cause intense social exclusion and isolation. ...read more