Supporter Spotlight: Surfing Mums

Monday, September 24, 2018

Each cupcake counts! Surfing Mums bring their stoke and baking talents to support SurfAid.

Surfing Mums is a nonprofit formed to encourage mums back into the water after they have kids.  To get this to happen a dynamic social network all over Australia gives mums an opportunity to meet up, surf and have fun without having to arrange alternative childcare.

Surfing Mums was founded in 2008 by two mums in Byron Bay. After meeting up regularly to mind each other’s children while the other surfed, they decided that this partnership could benefit mums around the country, and so Surfing Mums was born. There are now 36 groups around Australia and over 350 members.

In Australia, the Surfing Mums group have proven themselves some of our biggest fundraisers  in Perth and Bondi. We recently chatted with Kellie Baldwin, Coordinator of Perth Surfing Mums, to share some more about the group and highlight their incredible support!



SurfAid: Tell us about Surfing Mums!

Surfing Mums: It’s the most amazing group of like minded, surf loving parents who ensure we each get in the water for surf time and let the kids bond in the best possible play space.

Such gorgeous friendships have been formed over the years between the Surfing Mums families through general meets and sharing surf holiday adventures together.

SurfAid: You raised $12,740 for SurfAid in the SurfAid Cup Perth. What did you do to raise that money? What was your favourite part of participating in the event?

Surfing Mums: We all came together for our first meeting back in May and realised each of us came with our own talents and utilised that to the best of our ability! We had bake sales, a massive online donation drive, donation incentive gifts, created an online group presence, yoga and a raffle with the most generous donations as prizes. Our bake sale was a cracker, all the locals jumped on board and we had people wanting us to come back due to our yummy treats and good vibes.

SurfAid: Why do you support SurfAid? What makes this organisation special to you?

Surfing Mums: We love the fact that it’s an ongoing support with interactive education to remote Indonesian regions with a ‘hands up’ approach. Being a group of mothers with our own children we understand the importance of maternal health and sanitation and believe we should all be entitled to such a basic need. SurfAid also works amongst the local people of places which we have all visited for our surfing adventures, we felt it was a positive way of giving something back.

Kellie Baldwin (left) and Carly MacFarlane (right) charging in the Ments!

SurfAid: We hear some of you mums have travelled to surf in Indo. What brought you there? What stands out to you? What are your favourite surf spots?

Surfing Mums: A few of us from our SurfAid team got the opportunity to do a trip to Mentawais. It was a tragic turn of events that caused the surf trip idea to beat louder, the consensus was ‘let’s not keep putting these things off’. It had all been on our list for awhile as we had seen footage and heard stories of these magical remote waves in warm waters. It was 7 days of being in the moment, experiencing real joy, being challenged and having true support amongst genuine people. These waves pushed us further in our surfing limits, cherishing endless surf hours together. Also meeting gorgeous locals along the way and at our accommodation. We felt pretty fortunate to experience what we did with some of the group returning again. Some stand out sessions for us include our very first afternoon in the water after an epic journey at Good Times, the torchlight missions to Pitstops to be the first to paddle out, the heaving waves of Nipussi and the mechanical lefts of Beng Bengs.