Give the gift of health this holiday season

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Testing out some new food at one of SurfAid’s community led cooking classes. “Go ahead mate, you try it first.”

Malnourishment is a major contributor to under-five mortality due to a greater susceptibility to infections and slow recovery from illness. SurfAid’s “hand up, not a hand out” approach relies on education to empower communities to make change - because sometimes it takes more than your best mate’s assurance to try something new. 

To increase access to nutritious foods, SurfAid helps establish nutrition gardens and teaches families to cook with the vegetables they grow. We hold training workshops, make seeds available, and promote gardening as a routine community activity which leads to healthier children and healthier communities.

This holiday season, please consider supporting SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programmes and our wish for #SickWavesHealthyVillages.

Thanks to your support, we are already halfway to our goal of raising enough funds to support two Mother and Child Health Programmes! Along with improved nutrition, your tax-deductible gift will ensure our families have access to clean water & sanitation and basic healthcare. These simple steps can prevent up to 70% of health-related deaths in remote communities.

Give the gift of health this holiday season

50 cents a day or $15 a month - provides clean water to a family of six for one month. Water is essential for daily life and ensures our community gardens flourish.

$50 - equips a community health post with a weighing scale, an integral step in identifying early signs of malnutrition, and providing lifesaving early interventions. 

$100 - esablishes a nutrition garden for one family. Introducing micro-nutrient rich foods to village diets through seedbanks and nutrition gardens improves health and provides micro-enterprise opportunities.

$200 - provides materials for a cooking class on nutrition and a healthy meal for 100 women and children.

$500 - covers the cost of a nutrition garden for five families

$1,000* - covers the cost of a nutrition garden for ten families. (*gifts of $1,000 or more qualify for membership in the SurfAid Tribe)



To learn more about how your support for improved nutrition will make a difference, check out our story on Ibu Endawani and how her nutrition garden provides her family with health-related benefits and an opportunity for increased income.

Thank you to those who have already donated to our campaign and for supporting SurfAid this past year.

For more info on SurfAid’s #SickWavesHealthyVillages campaign contact