Improving Health and Income Go Hand in Hand

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ibu Sukarti proudly shows off her long bean harvest; income that will help raise her children. Photo by Rifaid.

Meet Ibu Sukarti - a mother of two and a health volunteer in the village of Kuta, on the eastern Indonesian island of Sumbawa.

Ibu Sukarti and her husband were inspired by SurfAid to use their land beside their house and start a nutrition garden.

“At first, we only planted for our own consumption, and if we had any surplus we gave it to our neighbours…” says Ibu Sukarti.

But SurfAid staff saw potential in Ibu Sukarti, her husband and their beautiful garden and encouraged them to plant more vegetables and a larger variety, so they could sell their harvest.

At work in the garden. Photo by Rifaid.

Reaching their goal required a lot of work, including protecting their crops, irrigation and ensuring demand. Ibu Sukarti and her husband built a good fence around the garden so that animals could not eat their crops and during the dry season, they irrigated. Agriculture, previously not feasible because of a both limited and distant water supply, was made possible by SurfAid’s clean water projects. Lastly, in order for Ibu Sukarti to make an agriculture-based income, she had to ensure there was demand for her vegetables. Joining the community health volunteers, Ibu Sukarti taught her neighbours about the benefits of good nutrition.

Ibu Sukarti sells her harvest to neighbours. Photo by Rifaid.

For Ibu Sukarti and her husband, their hard work is paying off. Ibu Sukarti explains “Now, we not only have vegetables for ourselves, but we even have extra income from the garden.”

When asked how much they earn from the garden, Ibu Sukarti replied “Each harvest we earn 65,000 rupiah ($4.50 USD) and we have a big harvest three times per week. Other days, we can still sell the produce for around 20,000 rupiah ($1.40 USD). We are so thankful to now have money for our children’s daily needs.”

Ibu Sukarti and her family are thankful to reap what they’ve sown. Photo by Rocky.

Thanks to your support, SurfAid empowers people like Ibu Sukarti to raise a healthy family and make some money while at it.