With SurfAid, Learning is Fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

SurfAid’s work in remote areas of Indonesia prioritises providing health information in a way that is fun and easy to digest. One of the most successful ways SurfAid shares important health information is through short videos. Over the past year, SurfAid staff has worked alongside villages in Sumbawa to create four short videos. Community health volunteers, community members and leaders decided what health messages were important and how, in a fun and culturally appropriate way, these messages could be made into short videos.

The videos are shown in the community health post and during special events. They are used to start a discussion on the important health topics they cover. 

One of the key issues that leads to diarrhoea is the continued practise of using non-boiled water from the local well. A script was developed explaining the link between bacteria in the water and diarrhoea. Actors from the local villages, coupled with cartoon graphics, in areas where technology is limited and local languages are never spoken onscreen, make videos like these popular. 


Between 2:45 - 3:40 we see how humour is used to effectively communicate health messages!

The other videos focus on key issues including immediate and exclusive breastfeeding, nutrition gardens and family planning.

The videos are all in the local language and embrace local culture. The messages in the videos are very clear and informative and locals think the videos are hilarious. Because they’re simple and funny, they’re memorable and effective behaviour change tools.

But we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves: the rate of diarrhoea in children under five has reduced from 35% to less than 1%!

The videos have also been picked up by the local government, and are being shown throughout the entire district of Bima. With your incredible support, SurfAid’s impact extends beyond the villages where we actively work. Thank you!