SurfAid partners with Bank Sumut

Friday, October 12, 2018

Photo by Yusman

Near world class wave Lagundri on the island of Nias, SurfAid is making significant strides in community-driven economic development. The communities of Hiliduho have worked alongside SurfAid since 2012 to improve maternal and child health, and they are now focussed on generating income so they can sustain their health posts for the long-term (as well as increase their own economic status).

SurfAid is excited to announce that we have partnered with Bank Sumut, an Indonesian bank focusing on North Sumatra, to support the small business community groups with micro loans needed to scale up their businesses. SurfAid was recommended by the Nias local government to the bank as the organisation to partner with.

After several meetings with Bank Sumut, the bank is aware that many of the people in SurfAid’s small business community groups have never even had a bank account before, much less a loan. The bank is hours away from the remote villages, but is passionate about the development of Nias. As part of their service, bank staff traveled with SurfAid to the villages to facilitate the opening of bank accounts. Each economic development community group now proudly has a bank account, and faithfully deposit their earnings.

The groups have been running for close to a year now, and some are ready to scale up. SurfAid has been educating and coaching each group carefully, in line with our accompaniment approach. With a system of assessment and monitoring in place, SurfAid and Bank Sumut will work together to educate the community groups and ensure there are no bad debts. An added benefit for the community groups is that this partnership will enable them to network more widely and receive support from various sectors.

Photo by Rocky

The partnership will provide community groups with access to new bank accounts with low interest loans from Bank Sumut, in-kind capital support from SurfAid such as crop seeds and food for chickens, and continuous technical assistance and coaching from SurfAid targeting each type of business. SurfAid is confident that this multi-dimensional approach will help equip groups to generate sustainable income for both their community health posts and their families.

With your support, SurfAid is able to build capacity into the fabric of remote communities to improve not only their health but their livelihoods. Thank you!