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25 Nov 2014

Why does Lisa Andersen support SurfAid?

"I go to the Mentawai Islands every four to five years and you get to see these most amazing people who live in the villages that need our help. I’ve seen so much progression since the last time I’ve been there. Maybe some day we’ll have surfers coming from the islands and they will be future world champions." - Lisa Andersen

Check out why four-time ASP World Champion Lisa Andersen supports SurfAid.

Please join Lisa and all of our supporters in making this year the best yet. Your gift can save lives. ...read more

21 Nov 2014

Your support is helping to save and improve lives

Your generous support saves lives. We are happy to share with you just one example of the powerful impact of your donations. Nurita is a SurfAid staff member based in Nias who specializes in mother and child health. She asked us to tell you this story:
Ibu Genaria Draha lives in Mazingo Tanoseo, a hamlet of Hiliduho, on the island of Nias. Tragically, she lost her first child, aged one and a half, in March 2012 after two days of suffering from fever, vomiting and breathing problems.

In January last year, Genaria Draha gave birth to her second child, Olianus Telaumbanua, assisted by village midwives. The midwives put her baby on her chest right after she gave birth and they strongly suggested that she exclusively breastfeed until six months, and also go to Posyandu every month to monitor her baby’s growth and wellbeing. Her husband, who had learnt about the benefits of breastfeeding at Posyandu and by attending a film session in his village, also encouraged her. Since then, she has been attending Posyandu. ...read more

20 Nov 2014

Jackson English: SurfAid Humanitarian of the Year 2014

SurfAid has honoured Singapore-based Australian schoolteacher, Jackson English, with its Humanitarian of the Year Award 2014.

SurfAid founder Dr Dave Jenkins presented the award to English at the recent OzForex SurfAid Cup in Sydney, Australia. English competed at the fundraising event with his team, dubbed “The Paddlers”, and they won the surfing section.

Dr Jenkins said that English has been SurfAid’s most prolific individual fundraiser in the 14-year history of the non-profit organisation that focuses on community development in remote areas of Indonesia. ...read more

05 Nov 2014

Corporates raise $140,000 in OzForex SurfAid Cup

Sixteen corporate teams have raised $140,000 in the OzForex SurfAid Cup, and The Paddlers have won the surfing contest in good 3-4 foot surf at South Curl Curl, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

By raising $24,000, Aquabumps won the fundraising trophy and they picked number one seed Owen Wright as their pro to join their tag-team.

Aquabumps team captain, Eugene Tan, said he and his fellow team members Paul Borrud, Tyson Millar and Matt Griggs were stoked to be a part of the OzForex SurfAid Cup.

“It's our big fundraiser for the year so we put a lot into it and we are proud to have raised $24,000 for such a worthy cause,” Tan said. “We want to help the people of the Mentawai Islands, where we all travel each year.”

The Heavyweights - corporate surfers from Citi and Westpac - came second in the fundraising, with $14,000, while Perpetual were third with $12,500. ...read more

29 Oct 2014

Surfing Chefs for SurfAid in Perth raises $55,000+

Former ASP world surfing champion Tom Carroll has excelled in his first venture as a guest chef at the Surfing Chefs for SurfAid cocktail party in Perth’s Cottesloe Beach Hotel.

The fundraiser, in the Beach Club, was a special evening of gourmet food and outlandishly fine liquor prepared by Russell Blaikie (Must Winebar Perth) and his team of award-winning celebrity chefs, who share a common passion for surfing. Attended by 220 people, the evening raised more than $55,000 for SurfAid’s mother and child health programs in Indonesia. ...read more

27 Oct 2014

Cody Lovaas Named 'Best New Artist' At San Diego Music Awards

Congratulations to SurfAid’s youngest ambassador, Cody Lovaas, who has added another first to his list of accomplishments. Lovaas is the youngest musician to be nominated, and then awarded, ‘Best New Artist’ at the San Diego Music Awards.

Lovaas, at just 16 years old, has been carving his niche as a musician based on his love of surfing, coastal living, song writing and philanthropy. The San Diego Music Awards ceremony, which was held this month at Humphreys by the Bay, announced Lovaas as the winner of the category in front of a room full of talented peers. He was competing against seven other popular bands and musicians who hail from the San Diego area. ...read more

23 Oct 2014

Owen Wright aims up for OzForex SurfAid Cup

Brilliant ASP World Championship Tour surfer Owen Wright is returning from the European leg of the tour to compete in the OzForex SurfAid Cup at Queenscliff Beach, Sydney, on Friday 31 October.

Wright, 24, from Culburra on the NSW South Coast, is currently ranked 12th on the WCT and training hard for a world title campaign. After debuting at seventh in his first year on tour in 2010, he finished third the following year. ...read more

14 Oct 2014

Dr Dave Jenkins reflects on 15 years of SurfAid

Fifteen years ago I was excitedly packing my surfboards, destined for my first trip to the Disneyland of surfing, the Mentawai Islands.

At the time I was on a roll, successfully climbing the corporate ladder and saving to fulfill my dream of buying a yacht and sailing the world. But thanks to curiosity, things were about to change. Sitting on the boat after a perfect Lance’s Right session, I was watching the kids on the beach and wondered how life was for the local people just 50 metres away.  ...read more

26 Sep 2014

Ibu Luseria helps bring fresh water to the village

Ibu Luseria Salelelu Baja is the 65-year-old head of the women's group in the small church in Eruparaboat, in the Mentawai Islands. The 2010 tsunami took their houses and livelihoods, and their children, family and friends. The survivors have moved to higher ground, up into the forest, and slowly they are trying to rebuild their lives. ...read more

10 Sep 2014

SurfAid Cup Malibu raises more than $127,000

Team Firewire has convincingly won the SurfAid Cup Malibu in four foot surf at the iconic pointbreak, with 12 teams raising more than $127,000 for SurfAid.

Firewire (Mark Price, Taylor Jensen, Johnny Noris, Noah Erikson and their pro surfer Mike McCabe) scored 110.77 to defeat Malaria Free Mentawai (84.30), Dave’s Team Too (81.07), SurfAiders (68.20), Malcolm Hates Malaria (54.67) and Kids Deserve Better (27.80) in the final. McCabe scored a perfect 10 on one ride.

Firewire team captain, Mark Price, said the chance to surf Malibu on a really good day with only six surfers in the water was truly memorable. ...read more