Welcome to our blog where we share with you the progress of our field work, with its challenges and achievements, and also highlights from our fundraising events.

20 Oct 2016

Shane Dorian and Kelly Slater Named SurfAid Humanitarians of the Year

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ...read more
07 Oct 2016

Asquire Boardriders Team Take Out the SurfAid Cup | Manly 2016

The teams faced a fun south swell for the sixth annual SurfAid Cup on Sydney’s iconic Manly Beach. Treated to 2-3 foot left and right banks, an offshore wind and the sun shining bright, the Asquire Boardriders team squeaked past the team from Citi Frothers in an incredibly tight final. The team from Blackrock were awarded the fundraising trophy. ...read more

15 Sep 2016

Supporting Parents for Healthier Children

Melkianus Pade, who everyone affectionately calls Melki, was a severely underweight 1 year old in Lamboya Barat, Sumba. With the help of a SurfAid trained health volunteer, his parents were able to greatly improve his health and probably even save his life.
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12 Sep 2016

Firewire Team Wins SurfAid Cup at Malibu

Rob Machado by Grey Lockwood Photography @greylockwoodphoto
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24 Jun 2016

Tom Carroll Asks For Your Support

My first real experience with SurfAid was nearly 10 years ago after the Boxing Day tsunami in December 2004​.​ ​It was one of the most extraordinary experiences​ of my life​. I had never seen that ability for humans to come together and be so efficient and offer up their expertise. SurfAid was able to get into really remote areas where other aid organisations couldn't because of their knowledge of the ocean and coastal areas. ...read more

26 Apr 2016

Logjam Classic Delivers for Inaugural SurfAid Cup Santa Cruz

The inaugural SurfAid Cup Santa Cruz, hosted by Big Stick Surfing Association (BSSA) was held Saturday April 23, 2016 in pumping 6-10 foot conditions at Pleasure Point.  ...read more