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12 Jul 2017

No Such Thing As Social Outcasts at SurfAid

photo by:Meitty

Sumba is a remote island with unique cultures, traditions and beliefs, one of which is the unacceptability of second marriages. Remarrying can cause intense social exclusion and isolation. ...read more

06 Jul 2017


Photo by: Dave "Nelly" Nelson

Dr. Dave recently sat down with the SurfAid team to talk about the success of the SurfAid Cup global event series, and how it's grown from a small morning paddle out to SurfAid's signature fundraiser. ...read more

08 Jun 2017

SurfAid Joins UN in Battle Against Hunger

Photo by Jo

Tonight, 795 million people will go to bed hungry. That’s 1 in 9 people worldwide. Poor nutrition causes nearly 1 of every 2 deaths in children under 5. That’s 3.1 million children each year. ...read more

31 May 2017

Sumbawa Programme Delivers Above and Beyond

Photo By: Sri Armawati

Sumbawa, an island in Eastern Indonesia, experiences high rates of poverty, poor health indicators, low government revenue, and some of the worst mother and child mortality rates in South East Asia. ...read more

25 May 2017

Nutrition gardens provide more than veggies

photo by: Anne Wuijts

On the remote island of Sumba, nearly 2 of every 3 children are underweight, malnourished or stunted. ...read more

11 May 2017

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Strong, Healthy Mothers

Photo By: Bob Barker

More than 289,000 expectant mothers die from complications related to pregnancy every year. That’s 800 women a day. In the 2 minutes it takes you to read this blog a child will lose his or her mum. ...read more