SurfAid was founded by surfers who embrace the spirit of surf exploration and understand the impact of collective giving. Nearly 20 years later, SurfAid continues to act as a conduit to trigger human potential in areas that are often forgotten. With this founding principal in mind, SurfAid is embarking on another adventure. In 2019 SurfAid will partner with the International Community Foundation (ICF) to provide support aimed at improving maternal and child health in Baja, Mexico. 

For over 25 years, ICF has worked directly in the Baja California peninsula and Gulf of California region, connecting people with projects aimed at improving quality of life through special projects and grants. With ICF, SurfAid will partner with a carefully vetted project that will help strengthen the capacity of existing health services in the region. Coupled with SurfAid’s continued success in Indonesia, the impact of the SurfAid tribe will be stronger than ever before. 

This month, SurfAid is kicking off our latest campaign #NeverForgetTheLocals. The goal is to raise $50,000, the funding equivalent of bringing SurfAid’s life-saving Mother and Child Health Program to two villages, between now and December 31. The campaign will support our planned expansion to Baja as well as our continued efforts to give back to struggling communities introduced to us through surf travel. 

It’s been close to two decades Dr. Dave’s life changing trip, yet surfers continue to work together to ensure communities have clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare, and improved nutrition. Take a step inside our villages to see the impact made possible in 2018:

Never Forget The Locals from SURFAID on Vimeo.

With your help SurfAid promises to #NeverForgetTheLocals

Please join us.